Events At Conventions.

​Dance Workshop

Want to become a better dancer? Stuck with two left feet? Join the fandom's first furry dance crew, Last-Fur-One, as they help turn you from sucker into superstar with their interactive and fun dance workshop tailored to beginners and veterans alike. Learn how to pop, lock, b-boy, house, and groove from some of the fandom's finest dancers as they bring you through the basics of several dance styles. Come enjoy the vibes! (This event is fursuit friendly)

Floor Wars

A new type of dance competition introduced into the furry community, Floor Wars has taken the dancing and convention scene by storm since 2012. With scores of the fandom's best fursuit and non-fursuit dancers biting at each other's tails in competition to be crowned the best, these events are GUARANTEED to be exciting and worthy of any convention-goer's experience.

The judges are ready. The crowd is ready. The lights, music, and cameras are ready. 

Are you?