One of the young guns in the furry fandom's dancing circles, Fufu's dedication and love for dance helps the crew and the community keep its vibes going.
Styles: Hip-Hop Choreo

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


A well-rounded dancer, Remix's expertise on dance is a big component to the crew and to the DancerFurs community.

Styles: Popping, B-Boying, Krump

(Photo © Remix)


A fearsome dance machine, Phorphaux is a sight to behold and force to be reckoned with when he gets into his element.

Styles: Waving, Krump, Poi

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


One of the fandom's most vibrant dancers and a lovable character, Doryuu's passion for dance is matched only by his skill on the floor.

Styles: Waving, Hip-Hop Choreo

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


Another figure in the fandom's dancing circles, Kwik's character and showmanship on the floor is second to none.

Styles: Popping, House, Choreo

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


Another founding member of Last-Fur-One, Mozee has continued to wow audiences with his unique popping and waving.

Styles: Popping, Waving

(Photo © Teethwolf, FurAffinity)


A stylish lombax that specializes in popping, waving, and footwork, Flipsta is well-respected by his peers in the community for

the ​skill and knowledge he provides.

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


A founding member of Last-Fur-One, Atsu's unique and robust style makes him one of the biggest names in the fandom's dancing circles.

Styles: Wacking, Tutting, Vogue, House

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)


Leader of Last-Fur-One, Ronnie is well known in the fandom for his high-energy performances. He is a veteran B-Boy and a fierce battler.

Styles: B-Boy, Locking

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)



A fun-loving canine who thrives off funk, Blue never fails to light up the dance floor with pure energy and expression.

Styles: B-Boy, Locking, Hip-Hop Choreo

(Photo © Jim Lavery Photography)