(Photo credit to Nightdragon - Midwest Furfest 2016)

June 16, 2017 - ANTHROCON 2017 FINAL UPDATES 

It's now less than two weeks until the world's largest furry convention kicks off in Pittsburgh for another year, and that means we're getting closer to our own massive events. 

FLOOR WARS - Friday, Jun 30 @ 8 PM


Non-suit 2-versus-2 (16 slots):

Devoid, The Broads Are Back, LL Cool Beans, Plasmix, But I'm Not A Dancer, Experience Tranquility, Tygamese, Undercooked Ramen, The Ruby Galaxy, Kween$, Wheat Bagels, OverWeenies, The Replacements, Predatory Instincts, Fluff Stuff, Coin Bandits  


Fursuit 1-versus-1 (16 slots):

Gizmo, Amai Fanda, Prince Mai, Alba, Nero, Slade, Prince Vince, Jay, Kiral, ZipZap, Prism, Nightdragon, Funfetti, Gale Frostbane, Kar, Tomuna

WAITLIST: Flaming Torch, Glacier Wolf, Mercy Scarlet, Kay, Rancid Bean, Hi Jinks, Zeke The Tiger, Sheila, and many more!

With the amount of Fursuit Division registrants we've received, we want to call out to dancers to sign up for the Non-Suit 2v2 Division as well. If you're already signed up for Fursuit Division but want to change, simply find a partner and sign up using the form found below and e-mail us about your change at lastfurone@gmail.com

DANCE WORKSHOP - Saturday, July 1st @ 11 AM

It's back once again! We're still curating some more teachers of different styles and backgrounds, but you can expect a variety of new-and-familiar styles to be taught this year. Don't miss out this opportunity to pick up new skills, or sharpen old ones!